Archived: March 13th by Lissa Horsman-Gettman

March 13, 2020

I remember it so clearly
It started off like any other day
The kids were all so cheery
It was Friday, and they were ready to play

But as the day progressed
The stress began to grow
We thought we were so blessed
Until they mentioned Covo

Frantically we started prepping
For we didn’t know what was going to happen
Hoping we weren’t forgetting
As the staples were clapping

Spring Break was getting ready to start
But we did not know if we were coming back
It truly was so hard to part
As we loaded their backpacks

A few weeks went by
As we prepared for a reality
Without trying not to cry
Our hearts broke to a considerable degree

Not getting to have a proper
End of the year goodbye
Trying not to show the bother
As we waited on standby

Written notes and messages
Became our daily norms
Hoping our intelligence
Would be a guiding platform

It’s been four months now
Time surely does fly
We cross our fingers and hope they allow
A normal classroom setting to thrive

For who knew a “normal’ day
Could change everything
And make it all go gray
And make us feel like a plaything.