Love’s Endurance by Sarah Liess

In shadows, love resides with a troubled soul,

A dance of emotions, a battle untold.

Silent tears and whispers, in darkness we hide,

Bound by affection, our souls intertwine.


Oh, how love endures when the fiend takes its hold,

An addict’s chaos, a tale to be told.

With trembling hands, they chase the sweetest lie,

Lost in a haze where desires multiply.


The night’s embrace, its seductive allure,

Beguiling whispers, the addict ensures.

Through shattered dreams and despair’s bitter touch,

Love stands resolute, it refuses to clutch.


In essence, love cradles both light and dark,

Braving storms that rage, leaving a lasting mark.

In quiet moments, when madness takes its leave,

Hope’s flickering flame is hesitant to cleave.


Yet love persists in the face of defeat,

Holding on tight, its devotion complete.

Through tattered remnants of promises broken,

Love’s fragile remnants are eternally awoken.


For love sees beyond the chaos and strife,

Unwavering, it seeks redemption in life.

Through shattered illusions and battles untold,

It remains steadfast, a beacon in the cold.


Every scar, every struggle, love embraces,

Holding the addict, erasing their traces.

A silent fight, a vigil by the side,

With love as guide, their spirits will abide.


In this eternal dance of love and pain,

A delicate balance, a love that won’t wane.

An addict’s heart, starved of solace and rest,

Finds sanctuary in love’s unwavering breast.


Biography: As a single mother of four and a former senior paralegal of nine years, I embarked on a new journey to complete my associates degree this Spring 2024 and pursue a bachelor’s degree starting in Fall of 2024, leading me to become a participant in the Aims2UNC program.

This transition ignited my journey into the realm of poetry, prompting my submission as a means to navigate the complexities of loving someone battling addiction—a journey I’m now undertaking with my eldest son.

For me, poetry is not just an art form but a lifeline—a conduit for expressing emotions that often elude words. Drawing inspiration from the raw honesty of song lyrics and the poignant verses of poetry, I found solace and clarity in crafting my own verses.

Despite my initial hesitance, I’ve discovered within myself a timid yet passionate artist, driven by the desire to capture the nuances of human experience through the power of words. Influenced by the works of diverse artists such as Robert Greene, Carrie Fisher, Robert Frost, De La Soul, Sade, and Tupac, I strive to infuse my poetry with authenticity and empathy, offering a glimpse into the shared struggles and triumphs of the human condition.