Archived: Light by Makaelynn DuVall

I lost all we had found in the darkness, and I wanted it back. I lost my orgasm on your shoulder blades. It cut so deep when you pushed your colder shoulder into the iris of my palm and thigh. I pushed back, and when you weren’t there, I cried every night. New boys came into view, and in moments of weakness, beer, and wine, I took a dive off of another’s sweet lines. When I did this dizzy up(the girl). I fell over. (I fell over hard) onto the ground, and it was all fine. I put my hand under my cheek and slept there for a century.

If I am honest you were never there.
If I am honest you were never there.
It still hurts. Does it hurt that I grew up?
You are the one I love. (you)
We love ghosts in our midst.
We love lost ones and cold ones.
We become the broken ones.
Wake up-
Are you awake little goo goo doll.

Biography: Makaelynn is a 34-year-old female and a Greeley, CO native. She has a son, and they live with their dog, Knickson. Makaelynn started writing because she would from a very early age have this ache to fill an empty notebook. The blank lines had the courage to be anything she wanted them to be. Makaelynn was, and always will be, in love with reading and books. She loves the adventure of a good book, and the healing words of someone else sharing their experiences. Makaelynn soon realized if she could fill those empty lines with her life or a caricature of it, then, maybe she too could get rid of this ache for just a moment. She also wanted to capture the pulse of the human condition. It all started with expressing her own experience. 16 years ago, Makaelynn started her journey at Aims Community College. She started as a fresh-faced 18-year-old. Makaelynn will now g