Life Continues by George Elliott Joyce III

There exists on Earth

A hole deeper than Hell

A hole carved by the masses

Carved for the dead to dwell


And so,

Life continues

And those who don’t



Slipping down a hill of


Sliding down the hole

Falling to their hell


And in hell lies torture

A pain unknown to most

A pain that you can not feel

Until it is too late


And so,

Life continues

And those who do



Learning to fly

Soaring out of the hole

Touching the sky

Finally freeing their soul


And so,

Life continues

A void of itself

With few lights


Lights that show the dull

Without them, it’d be normal

Now, you, let them cull

So this doesn’t remain formal


Let life continue

With new light

The light of course

Being you


Biography: Howard Gardner has currently identified 9 types of intelligence; the newest one being existential intelligence. This intelligence has grown in me over the last couple of years and has come to dominate much of my thinking processes. Much of the writing I do today reflects this. I want to show these concepts I have constantly flowing in the river of my mind. I mostly write prose. But I sat down one night and wrote the poem I have featured on the Aims Review. “Life Continues” reflects a huge part of my life philosophy.”