Letting Go by Kimber Watson



Every moment that passes by is empty without you.
You were just here
now you are gone
For the life of me,
I don’t know what to do.

That moment in time when we first met,
You turned my world upside down,
When I fell head over heels in love.

That moment when we first met
I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you.
Then as the moments quickly ticked by,
I gripped your hand willing you to live in hopes of hearing your voice once again.
The minutes ticked by
as we said goodbye

As you laid there so silent, and still
I felt my heart shatter in two sending a piece with you.

You once told me that we can conquer anything as long as we had each other,,
so we fought all our battles together,
but now I am all alone and I don’t know what to do.

You were my hero, my knight in shining armor,
and I feel like I am nothing without you.

You were the half that made me whole,
you were the laughter in my heart,
the smile on my face.
I look for you in every face I see,
looking and hoping to find you once more.

We promised each other that if one of us should go,
the other would continue to live on.
Now each day I take baby steps toward a new life without you.
While it’s not always easy I know this is what you would want me to do.

You loved me unconditionally,
as I have loved you.
but now it’s time for me to move forward not as your wife but,
as someone who was loved by you.

No matter where I go or what I do in my life as I move forward,
I will always love you!

I have traveled to many places,
I even went to Belfast and England too,
you would be so proud of me.

I surpassed all my fears,
taking the world by storm.
just like you taught me to do.
Having met so many amazing people on the way.

It has been almost three years now,
and while I miss you every day,
It's time for me to let go.
I thank you for sharing your life with me,
but now it’s time to say goodbye my love,
forever you will be!


Biography: My name is Kimber Watson, last fall I decided to attend AIMS College to improve my writing skills so I took a Creative Writing Course and it has been an amazing journey.
As a kid and teenager I loved to write, mostly poetry, that was how I dealt with being a teen. When it came time for the poetry during my writing course I was very reluctant, I knew that if I had to write poetry I would be baring my heart and my soul.
In my twenties I read my first Sydney Sheldon novel and I aspire to be as good at mystery and suspense as he was. I currently have a few things in the works and I am hoping to become a published writer in the future.