Late by Matthew Gagnon

Oh how I’ve waited for this day to come, no more crawling and mulling around for scraps! To have somewhere I can call home. Yes! A home! How that word fills me with joy. To have somewhere I can belong, where friends and family await with bated breath for my return. Each room filled with warmth and light as we gather around the hearth to escape this frigid cold. We laugh and talk, not a worry to be seen. Exotic foods adorn the tables, always a feast to had. Oh how I’ve dreamt of this rapture! But… why does it feel so wrong? What could I be missing, who is missing from this scene? Chloe! My dear precious Chloe, where could you be? I’d give this all up to see you again, but no matter how much I cry and plead you ignore my plight. To live in this dream without you is nothing but a nightmare. I’ll awake this final time to see your face once more, as I take your hand in mine and drift off to sleep. The biting winds wrap around us as they carry my soul to you. Finally, finally I can see you again! Your brilliant smile warms me to the core, you take my hand as you guide me to our end. For love’s caring embrace, was moments too late.