Archived: Language is A God by Gustavo Reyes


A being that hones its literacy, fluency, and wisdom

An entity resembling a deity

With tenacity to rule a kingdom

Sitting comfortably like the statue of Lincoln.

Knows not the existence of Atheism

Its arrogance reveals its vast influence

However, the entity values holds a dignified mannerism

Its superiority is known far and wide

Despite its arrogance it requests no offerings, sermons, or representations of its likeness

Its vanity surpasses that of the lowly dictator

Its ferocious torrents of prideful water extinguish hellish madness

Tis the true division between the people

The power to divide people through “Language Barriers” of anonymity

Unification attempts are proven feeble

For a barrier of incomprehensible knowledge stands before uniformity



Although incomprehensible it is not inexplicable

The barrier cast by the God of Language is daunting but not fearful

Each barrier consists of its respective alphabet, history, and diction

Effort can turn the otherwise astral god to appear mindful

To interpret the knowledge of God, bestows you the power of God

To cross geographical borders and expand the world at will

To gain the possibility of an omniscient perspective of the world

However our mortality deprive us of near omniscience unfulfilled

As the name God implies

A sentient being responsible to govern the world

To nurture potential and oppress extremists

Language is a God that resides in the ethereal plane

Weak in the conscience mind, yet thriving and evident in the subconscious






Gustavo is an average wandering Aims college student.