Archived: Jay by Anna Johnson


He answers the door and asks
“How’s my favorite EMT?”
Jay has been here before and remembers me
This time Jay asks “what’s going on with this toilet?”
6’0” tall he stands in the door
At 62 years young with glasses to show it
With those white New Balance shoes too you know
His slightly yellowed crooked teeth fit with his gruff look
A straw hats lays atop his silver hair
His white scratchy goat tee covers his chin
A gray polo shirt covers his abdomen, tucked in nicely to his 90s Levi jeans
A sturdy belt for sturdy work and his tools
New York Born, loud and opinionated
Self employed because corporate America didn’t like what Jay had to say
Jay thought his ideas were superior and he was Okay with walking away
From the office to towing cars in the bad neighborhoods of Virginia
But in 2001 Colorado called and he made his way out west
He talks of his wife Joan, a widow who was dumb enough to like Jay
Their little ranch house sits on 3 acres out of the way
Just a mile south of Highway 34 off of Weld County Rd 47
But Joan and Jay are done with the Colorado politics, he states 
Jay told me today, he wants to move back east!
Closer to his kids and his grandkids
Less Colorado politics
Cheaper cost of living out east
Is Jay just the maintenance man? 
Or rather a man who likes to talk to people?
 And just happens to fix things while he’s talking?
Who knows? But I know Jay is no ordinary maintenance man