Archived: It is the First Spring without You on the Patio in the Morning For Melville Kitty 1996-2011 by Meg Spencer

Plush black and white tuxedo feline

Fountain of whiskers, amber eyes blink, blink, blinking

I sip sweet organic Gumitindo while reading the new york times

it’s the first spring morning without you on the patio, curled up

like a comma drowsing under trailing trumpet vines

squirrels chatter, flickers tap, tappity, tapping

crabapple tree blossoms, a sweet pink canopy


It’s the first spring morning without you on the patio, curled up

a bold comma between the film reviews and the style section

sweet lavender hyacinths blossom like tiny starfish, my tea cup

cools under azure skies, remembering your baritone purr a perfect punctuation

robins flutter, perch, hop, chuckle, and chirrup

recalling your legs stretched like stilts, wooly tail swish, swishing

the first spring without you on the patio in the early morning, once a pleasant constancy

Bio: Meg Spencer serves Aims faculty as an instructional coach, creating, curating, and developing workshops and conferences, to help teachers bring their best to our students. Her teaching background includes English and Literature. Her writing muse typically takes her to the world of non-fiction and poetry. She compares writing to truth seeking, constantly under revision.