Archived: Inbetween :: Samantha Scheid


Go over the garden wall, my child

Take your oil lantern and a warm blanket and nothing more.

Cross the river and into the forest.

Leaves of gold and crimson fall around you,

your steps a-lit by only the milk light of moon

Autumn falls around you, the wind catch at your coat

Go past the woodsman’s home, through the potter’s field

Careful now my child, do not tarry too long


Go far, my child, far into the in between.


Here you will find what you seek

I cannot tell you, but you will know

Take your blanket and wrap it tight,

Hold it close to your Heart

Now hurry home, try not to look back


Clutch to your burden,

Past the potter’s field you will run

Back past the woodsman’s home

Cut through the trees, careful not to let them catch your cloak

And at last you will return to me

Wet and filthy from your adventure

From the in between.