I’m not one to air my dirty laundry in public. by Charis Fleshner

I'm not one to air my dirty laundry in public.

Biography: Being an art professor has always been my dream job and Aims gave me that opportunity. Art is how I process life with all of its highs, lows, complexities, and contradictions. Art means everything to me. Although I am a conceptual artist and work in many different mediums, I truly enjoy the technical challenges of using colored pencils. This piece is in a series of drawings based on the phrase “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public”. This mindset perpetuates secrets and facades that allow cycles of abuse to continue. Because I value truth, shared experiences, the connecting power of story, and authenticity, in a tongue in cheek way, my works seek to share all of the dirty laundry and spark important conversations. I use my own personal photographs as well as images from anonymous sources as references for these works. More dirty laundry as well as my other art can be found at charismakesart.com