Hesitancy Is Holding Me Back by Jaqueline Garibay

It surrounds me in its cold embrace.

Pulling me this way and that way

All the while lapping at my face

Crashing around me pulling farther and farther away.


Guiding me to a quiet place

Floating gently upon the waves

Waves rippling over me 

Dragging me into the bottomless abyss.


Below the surface in a gentle kiss

Absolute solitude-feeling free

In the depths of its bliss

Lost in the vastness of the sea.


Biography: Upon arriving at Aims unsure of my direction, I am pleased to declare that I have discovered my path. I have set my sights on becoming a librarian, dedicated to guiding others in discovering art forms that resonate with them. While writing isn’t my forte, it remains one of my cherished means of self-expression. My inspiration stems from lyrical artists like Hozier, Maisie Peters, and other musicians, whose lyrics serve as profound examples of the poetic prose I aspire to create in the future. I aim to expand my knowledge in writing and plan to continue working towards my degree.