Archived: Her by Phillip Muniz

She smelled like peaches and happiness. She feels like soft grass and a cool breeze on a summer 
day. She looks like God made another angel that day.
She smiles like a faerie with a secret. Her laugh makes the whole earth go quiet.
Her tears make all hearts softly break. She takes me along on adventures and widens my view of 
the world. Every beat of her heart sends mine soaring, and when she is gone it feels sore.
We sat on the swings like two children, with hardly a care in the world.

Like children do, we had grown up. Her world was much bigger than mine.
I knew that the day was fast coming that we both would part ways, in so doing
my heart would lose a piece that we shared. No longer would I look at that smile
and be mesmerized by the swoosh of her hair. Pondering her imminent departure
for learning much greater than home I knew I couldn’t be beside her,
every step of her harrowing way. So we stole every moment we could ‘til,
at last, her moment arrived. She gave me one last pixie smile and whispered a quiet goodbye. 
Turning she strode to depart me, “Wait,” I said. She turned back.
Meeting her eyes, I faltered. Coming up empty on words. Finally at last I pleaded,
“Would you stay for a Scooby Snack?”