Archived: Head in the Clouds by Linnea Smith

Bio:  Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve been drawing. Quietly in a corner, in my notebooks during school, just about anywhere I had the chance. I’m a very introverted person who enjoys being alone with my thoughts and observing the world around me, and I most naturally express myself through art. I’ve never been very good with words when trying to convey what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. Through my art I’m able to put genuine pieces of myself out into the world whether they are seen by many or remain as something for just me to reflect upon. Art continues to be an outlet for me and gives me the ability to express anything and everything without limits. Many of my paintings and drawings result from random thoughts/emotions that turn into vague concepts, but there are certain pieces that have stemmed from very personal experiences that are often painful. I tend to disguise the more painful stories by painting them in such a way that, to others, it only seems beautiful, peaceful, even happy. To me, they hold a lot more meaning.