Giants Above by Gabriel Herberer

Giants Above

Biography: Hello, I’m Gabriel Heberer. I can’t say I am at AIMS for one particular reason, and that’s exactly why I’ve found it helpful. Right now I am about get a LAA degree. Photography is something I have recently become involved in and it has been incredibly fun for me. So much so that I am considering pursuing this further at UNC. My artistic expression is certainly developing, and so while I do not have a practiced style yet, I do love a photo that feels close, intimate, and immersive.

I love the idea of capturing a moment in time, and for that matter something minute, that is easily overlooked. As an artist, I am certainly still being molded, and so I think my current identity in photography includes a touch of ameature inventiveness. For that matter it is hard to point toward artists of inspirations as I am unfamiliar with the world of photography, but I have enjoyed the work of the contemporary photographer Toms Jurjaks. God bless!

Instagram: glainephotograghy