Archived: Frostbit by Cate Formica

The day you said divorce,

Was the day you let it snow.

Like a harsh, wet blanket of betrayal;

The storm of the decade.

I was buried in that blizzard

Until I got up off the bathroom floor.

The 2 am stillness mocked my shivers;

Bitter, heavy flakes still falling from the orange sky.

Tears froze as they rolled off my chin

And numbness made its home inside my chest.

But you lay sleeping in the bedroom,

And your warmth I could no longer hold my hands to.

I must have missed the forecast,

To warn me of black ice

I had thought we committed to forever,

But we were already sliding.

Perhaps you’ll wake and brush the powder off my hair

Kiss my blue lips and say you’re sorry

But my love, I fear, is frostbit’;

My heart is frozen stiff.



Cate Formica is a mother, wife, and returning student at Aims. She is back and working on her education to help benefit her family. She enjoys reading, writing, photography, and painting.