Archived: Friends Forever by Micheala Lucero

You are the perfect friend that I grew up with named after a Disney deer

The only one I can talk to without you judging.

Because let’s face it. You can’t talk.

I am really going to miss you and your bark that is almost human like

I am going to miss you jumping on me to greet me when I come home from school

I am going to miss having to share my blankets even if you do drool.

You were so hyper you would run into walls and I’d laugh so hard.

Some people say dogs don’t smile they’re wrong.

In fact I know they’re wrong,

You’d smile when you saw you’re favorite treat

You grew old but lived a happy life.

When you got in trouble you’d gaze at me with your puppy eyes

And knew I couldn’t be mad at you

I hope you’re living a happy life in doggy heaven

I miss you Bambi



This is Micheala’s first poem.