Fresh Birth by Brooklyn Capuano

Like the first fall of leaf

Or the first drop of snow

Cry deep into the sorrow of something that’s missing

Mislead into a light that’s darker than a seed in soil

‘Sprout kinder than that’ as I’m told


The world blooms against the tides

The moon shifts the tides backwards

Swallow the sun whole

I seep light through my sweat glands


Mud chews me like gum

Tracks it into my future

Into my friendships

My memories

Tainted with dirt, the rain can’t clear it

The sun can only dry it


A soul with movement along the mislead tides

A dark sky along the leading lines

Born to walk across them

My feet drags through the mud

My face blurs from the light

My tears start to fall, autumn is near

‘Sprout kinder than that’ as I try to