Archived: Finally Free by Hannah Taskila

Earthly struggles are one of many

The unknown fills the brain with worry.

Ageing progresses like a growing tree,

Leaves grow and fall wanting to be free

Before it was known autumn was upon us and your leaves were falling.

One by one another day passes and the end is calling

Cool winds blow across the faces of those who remain, pained by the loss of you.

Morning leaves fill with fresh dew,

Every memory of joys and struggles drip on the ground.

Wind blows making the leaves fly in a cyclone, spinning free high into the heavens.

The tree goes into a deep slumber to one day regain those lost leaves.

Your tree will blossom in the heavens bringing joy to the souls surrounding.

Earthly struggles will no longer strain the once young face we all went to for comfort

Like the leaves, you are free.




I am 24 years old, I love writing and plan on making this my career. I got married last summer and my husband has been the most supportive person for my educational future. I wouldn’t have been able to finish school if it wasn’t for him. My final semester at Aims is Fall of 2016 and I have loved every class!