Archived: Fairy Friend by Nevaeh Barrera

After a morning of flying around the Forest of Constelville “flying” errands, I’m headed home to take an afternoon nap. 

I have a close friend named Woodman. Woodman is made out of logs, twigs, and a whole lot of personality. One thing to seriously note about Woodman is that he doesn’t care for the privacy of others. Woodman comes around whenever he feels and doesn’t listen to what you have to say about him. He’s a straightforward, blunt, and integrating Woodman. In the middle of my nap, I hear a door open in my dream. As I realize I’m in the sky in my dream, I realize it was the door to my own home. I shoot up into a straight forward position. Questioning in my head whether it was an intruder, I quietly got out of bed and tippy-toe to the stairs that lead downstairs from my room. Trying to be as quiet as I could, the screeching steps gave my ninja-like observation away. Once halfway down the stairs, what do you know, I see it’s Woodman. He was plopped down in front of my fireplace with a book from my bookcase. No privacy, I tell ya! I left him be and started freshening up for the remainder of the day. I know when Woodman sits in my living room, no words, just reads, and waits, that we have quite a day ahead of us.  

Once I completed my self care tasks, I went back into the living room and offered Woodman a snack. 

“Ah that would be delightful!” Woodman said back. 

I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed us each a few mushrooms to chow down on really fast. 

Woodman and I ate our shrooms and left. At first we weren’t sure what the plan for our day was, so we just began to wonder. Of course, Woodman walked and I flew. I can walk, but flying is definitely a great workout for my wings and back. After a while of our wondrous trip, we ran into one of our dearest friends, Fenix Gnomalton. Fenix is a short little gnome with a very long white beard that drags all the way behind him when he walks. One thing about Fenix is that he sure knows how to whip up a good smoothie. Not too long ago he announced the grand opening to his smoothie shop. When we encountered him, he was picking different berries than the ones he usually does, scuffle-berries. He told us it was for one of his new smoothies. Fenix informed us that his shop’s grand opening was just a couple away, and he wanted us to be there.

After some hours of talking and hanging out in the forest, Woodman and I made our way to Fenix’s smoothie shop. We would never miss supporting our friends’ achievements. Once we arrived, we saw huge crowds of creatures from all over the forest waiting outside of his shop. Both Woodman and I greeted and hugged many of the creature friends we knew. After moments of waiting, the doors to the smoothie shop flew open and out came Fexix Gnomalton. The herd of mythical creatures began to applaud and whistle at his presence.  

“Single file line please! Please!” Fenix yelled. 

Watching everyone scurry into place, Fenix caught a glimpse of Woodman and I, and placed us at the very front of the line. Since Woodman and I were such close pals with Fenix, he gave us the first cups of his new smoothie. Now, when I tell you I fell in love with this drink, I fell in love with his new drink. Gnomalton never fails to create magic in his drinks. When all the other creatures saw that Woodman and I loved the drink, each and every one of them urged more and more for a taste. Hours after everyone finally had their drinks and the opening ended, Fenix decided to hang out and relax with Woodman, our lovely friend Draguna, and me. Draguna is a beautiful purple, turquoise, dragon that loves to fly as high as she can in the sky. It’s rare she’s down here, so we took advantage of this time. Draguna seemed to forget she is much bigger than us and the dirt from her wings flapping flew into our eyes. Woodman got very angry all of a sudden and started crying, raising his voice at Draguna. Draguna instantly got angry as well. They both got into a big argument, which Fenix and I had to interfere in right away. Gnomalton and I calmed both of them down and asked why they’re so angry with each other. Draguna spoke first, and she got angry, she explained, because she didn’t understand why Woodman was yelling at her. Woodman then spoke and explained that her big wings always got dirt into his eyes and it hurt. Draguna realized what damage her wings could do and apologized. She had no clue of what pain the flapping of her wings brought upon her friends. 

We all sat on some lily pads by The Magical Pink Lake in the middle of our forest, as Draguna sat on the edge. She began speaking about how great it is to have understanding friends, who know how to resolve issues by communicating with voices instead of violence. As the sun sat we had decided it was time for us each to go home. We gave hugs and parted our ways for the evening. 

When I arrived home, I took a nice shower and put my lavender incense to burn. I turned off all the lights but left on the lamp next to my bed to write in my journal before shutting my eyes. After finishing I shut my lamp off and fell into a deep sleep.