Archived: Everything Gets Better! by Abby Moser

“Have you been feeling down, hopeless, or depressed?”
No, because that's not quite how I feel
But my body is weary and tired
Not willing itself to move
Each morning an agonizing crawl
To get out of the bed
That has seen too much
It understands that I crave the comfort
And I am not brave enough 
To face the morning light
No, I’m not depressed 
But nothing feels the same
I no longer feel joy
In the simple tasks 
That used to get me out of bed
I don’t have any reason 
To wake up anymore
Maybe I am feeling down?
No that's not true
A lot more have it worse than you
Stop complaining and crying
That never does anyone any good
Get out of bed
Don’t feel sorry for yourself
Everything gets better