Archived: Endless Fire by Hannah Taskila

Flames are hot on a cold winters night

Crackling, sizzling, lighting the dark

Trees sway with the brisk breeze

Hawks spring up to take flight.

Heart frozen in sadness, untouched by the flame

Smoke soars in the starlit sky filling it with a grey dismal cloud

Howling wolves off in the distance echo through the endless bark

More brush feeds the fire

Flames rising higher and higher climbing with ease

The wind makes the flames join in an elegant dance

Swaying, winding, interweaving within itself

The fire winds up the trees engulfing in its relentless power

An ashy pile remains still in the morning sun

The dew of a winters storm frosted on the restless leaves

Alas one tiny flame remains, never the less to be done.



I am a 24 year old aspiring author that hopes one day to write a brilliant novel to be published. When not doing school work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. They are my biggest supporters and I hope to make them proud!