Archived: Egg by Bruce Barrie

Biography: I am a transplant to Colorado, so everyone hates me. Then they find out I am from New York and a Yankee fan; it gets even worse. Aims has given me the opportunity to explore many different subjects such as pottery, watercolors, photography, computers, and fitness/wellness. My adventures have made me believe that visual storytelling makes it possible for people to see, feel or contemplate the greater depth of an image. I want them to reflect upon a given moment and then see something anew in the next moment from the same image. Maybe something missed- a surprise. To notice that art could be a vision with power and magic. Perhaps wonderous or an unimagined place never seen before. Art can inspire, reflect on beauty in your heart or mind and when needed be an escape to a place that is warm or safe away from troubles or hurt. One must believe in magic, and to touch people‚Äôs lives in a positive way is a gift beyond comparison. Aims is a welcoming place where I have been able to make new friends. I love its great sense of community. To be able to learn new things in an encouraging environment can make all the difference in feeling like you can succeed. Go, Aardvarks!”