Archived: Edgar: A Moment in Time by Danielle Irwin

Biography: I have always loved art but was more interested in 2-D works. I have always favored graphite and colored pencils. After taking a 3-D design class, I fell in love with ceramics and other multimedia works. I was nervous working with clay and other materials but was extremely excited when I finished my first bust. I chose to do Edgar Allan Poe because he has always been an inspiration to me. With this work, I tried to incorporate Poe’s importance in influencing the horror genre by depicting him in a way that highlighted the darkness of his work. The black shiny glaze provides a very pleasing contrast that draws viewers into his eyes. Dark, large bags adorn his eyes, reflecting his bleak expression. The work is meant to be dark and appear as if it were a black-and-white photograph. This is also symbolic of how Poe appears in our everyday life. The Hat and Raven are symbolic of his work and add to the macabre atmosphere the piece reflects and represents. I enjoyed working on this piece very much and was pleasantly surprised to learn how much I enjoyed 3-D Design.