Echo by Marian Hesse

There was a distant sound like music,
Too ethereal to be
A hint of subtle tone, to break the monotony
As the sound faded along with the wind,


Biography: Marian Hesse is a professional musician actively involved in writing and photography. Marian began taking classes at Aims when it was only a few small cowering in the shadow of the water tower in the 1970’s. The classes covered liberal arts core requirements at the University of Northern Colorado where she majored in French Horn music performance. After touring world-wide with the Chestnut Brass Company of Philadelphia, she won a Grammy award and made 22 recordings with the CBC, and eventually returned to Greeley in 2003 to teach horn at UNC. Aims has grown substantially since those early days and Marian started to take classes to follow her other interests in writing and photography, with the bonus of the outstanding gym at Aims. She has enjoyed watching the community and campus grow and thrive, now in the shadow of the Ark of the Aardvark.