Devils Advocate by Artemis Adams

They always told me the devil is bad

“Don’t go looking for trouble,” they said,

“He may seem fun, even just a tad,

“but he’ll doom your soul and steal your head.”


They force us to follow their rules

and intimidate us into submission

if we try to step out of line, they treat us like fools

It made everything feel like a prison


They made promises of a fiery hell

and said to behave or you’d end up there

They said we’d be locked in a torturous cell

I always felt like there was no air


They forbade us from all things fun

and I asked how they could be bad

But no answer came so I had to run

It made them furious, but I was glad


I found flowers behind the forbidden rainbow,

sunshine beyond the darkness.

I found happiness with the devil, although

they told me things would always be amiss. 


So I fear I must play devil’s advocate,

I found love, and it isn’t inadequate.