Deep Thoughts by Connor J. Fellinger

With only seconds to spare, and mere seconds to think;

As your fears begin to rise, and you don’t stop to blink,

Your mind starts to race- only stopped by a crack.

As you look up to gaze upon a broken-up mast. 


In fear for your life, you run down below deck-

But to your surprise, you find the vessel is a wreck.

For the sea has filled this ship, your struggles are in vain

And your thoughts flow endlessly through a frightened brain


You gaze upon the sky, of a stormy night,

as the deck cracks in two,

You’re launched- taking flight.

In the deep flowing blue,

That blocks out all light.

Plunging below, you face the oceans might.


Fighting for your life, you surface at last.

Knowing your fate, you’re flooded with thoughts of your past.

Kicking and desperate, you’re searching for safety.

Freezing water so brisk, numbing your body greatly


In the distance, you see, a bright lighthouse gleams,

Safe land placed so far, and your body so cold,

You struggle with your fate, death- you try to withhold.

You know the result but hold onto your dreams


Taking a deep breath, swimming shorter strokes each time.

Dying in such a way- so young, it feels like a crime.

A disturbance in the water, you worry something near’s alive.

With justified fear you swim, struggle, and strive.


After what feels like hours, but takes only minutes

Your body starts to fail, and you feel you’ve reached your limit

Your limbs begin to tire, but you know your energy is higher.

The water makes your body heavy, but also makes your mind lighter.


You stare upon a sky that shines with beautiful light,

Floating on a waves’ crest, you forget it’s even night.

With a heavenly glow, and a heavenly tide

You reach your hand to the stars, and you pray to the sky


Asking your God to save you, asking for his hand

One simple voyage to make your life less bland

Landed you a death sentence, with a boat ride as pretense 

Extravagance to mask a bland, empty existence.


As your final tears stream across your face, 

Emptiness is all that you can leave in its place.

For your God hasn’t answered, he didn’t hear your prayer.

Your last thoughts are heaven, hoping your spirit really goes there.


-Deep Thoughts.