Archived: December by Reina Bautista


a cold night in december of 2000
beeping of monitors and the chatter of nurses fill the room
eyes begin to open, seeing new life
this was it
at 9:35pm we meet for the very first time
the day our adventure had begun
celebrating birthdays together
almost like twins
sort of
being only a year 10 months and 3 days apart
two girls out of five boys
being apart was not an option
sharing birthdays also meant sharing rooms
filled with memories and secrets and hello beautiful spray
from riding bikes to driving around town
flaws and sins playing on the radio
always had a song for every occasion
never a boring car ride, always an adventure
learning how to drive, chauffeur
learning to do hair, hair stylist for life
extrovert always outgoing
introvert always listens
together builds strength
fun that is waiting to happen
trip to the happiest place in the world
many photos of smiles and characters
tianas jazz kitchen express
the sweet and warm feel of freshly baked beignets
dancing on stage like no one was watching
even though they were
planning our next trip europe
never embarrassed to stand out
as long as we had each other
my lighting to my thunder