Crimes by Zachary Padilla

A story to tell and A secret to hide

With a man full of sorrow, Truly

A smile that was needed to barrow

Like a passing storm with a bull for the mind.


He whimpers, as he realizes his time

Once he hangs, a sad song sings for the blind

It must be admitted that he will be the last

of his kind, Truly a dark day from this man’s eyes.


The Note reads, don’t be sorry

For your crimes of leaving a man like

Me behind, Don’t think of the times

Where I was left for the dark only as a child.

Don’t be sorry for a broken man

With a broken mind, A broken heart

That is broken glass, don’t wonder how I was alive

With this unspoken pain inside.


May the divine judge me for not what is

In this dark mind, But the peace that

Came to be by his holy side, That

Men like me may have a chance to happily die.


I use to smile at the sky, hoping

One day I might be flying that high

I use to sit out at night, Peace creates

A smile that needs no disguise