Archived: Creation Myth: Dogs Will Thunder by Veronica Villalobos

Long ago, there was a great being. Indeed, a being which possessed four legs with soft padded paws on the end of the legs, a long tail, two raised ears, and it was also covered in fur. It existed alone. It had thoughts, but nothing that one in existence nowadays would consider “deep thoughts” because it mostly drank from the primordial waterbed and slept. However, this being became aware of itself and how lonely it was. In its loneliness, it gave itself a name: Koi. So, Koi went on sleeping and drinking the primordial waterbed, and he was completely content with knowing just Koi.  

In time, Koi felt a thunder-rumble from within his being. The thunder raging within him was too much for Koi to endure. Because of this inner-thunder, Koi lifted his great long tail, and from his backside, he released a mighty thunder-wind. In doing so, Koi unwittingly created a vast universe with his thunder-wind. Indeed, this came with much sky to cover the primordial waterbed. Since there was a universe, it was one that came with a giant yellow ball (Sun) whose shimmer warmed the primordial waterbed, as well as a smaller glowing ball (moon) whose light sprinkled teensy sparkles (stars) to shed light on Koi. But Koi felt indifferent about his awesome creation, and so he continued to drink from the primordial waterbed, and nap. Only now he could chew. Of course, this was known as The Great Chewing. Koi chewed on the giant ball and the smaller glowing ball. Because of the strain the balls felt from Koi’s chewing, they took turns and came out at different intervals, thus creating night and day. Naturally, during The Great Chewing, Koi again felt a thunderous rumble from within. Although, this time he opened his great mouth, and from that came a thunder-belch. In fact, with this thunder-belch also came some vomit.  

Thereafter, from this vomit came the god Patches of Mischief, and his sister, Dr. Jones the Obedient. And they were of Koi’s image. Obviously happy with being brought into the universe, Dr. Jones gave praise to The Great Koi. Soon following their arrival into existence, Patches of Mischief and Dr. Jones the Obedient fashioned Jawa (Earth) from the remaining bits of Koi’s vomit. However, Koi in all his spewing forth bits from his great mouth, had punctured his primordial waterbed. In doing so, he spilled water unto Jawa. This action had created mud and water on Jawa. In any case, Koi was unmoved by these new creations, and so he continued to drink from the primordial waterbed, and then he slept. Immediately, Dr. Jones enjoyed her time with Jawa. She filled Jawa with laughter, comfort, love, and overall exuberance. On the other hand, Patches just wanted to chew on Jawa, being the giant ball of mud and water it was. Although, in time, Patches of Mischief grew tired with The Great Koi and his unwillingness to play or move much at all. But he was also jealous because Dr. Jones the Obedient was spending all her energy with Jawa. Patches of Mischief got it in his mind to perform his own Great Chewing so he could have his own Jawa. And so, Patches of Mischief chewed the great yellow ball and the smaller glowing ball as Koi slept. In this case, instead of a thunderous release from his mouth, Patches of Mischief raised his tail and let out a long, loud thunder-wind, but with that came pebbles.  

On this occasion, Koi, awakened from his slumber by Patches of Mischief’s rumble-thunder, took the pebbles in his great mouth away from Patches of Mischief to forever stay on Jawa. In doing so, Koi unintentionally created people. Furthermore, Koi, so bothered by being disturbed from his slumber, ordered both Dr. Jones the Obedient and Patches of Mischief to oversee matters for the newly formed people on Jawa. Koi, then too tired to return to his station in the beyond, lay himself on Jawa. Therefore, Koi created solid land from his bones, mountains from his teeth, caves from his great mouth. Koi’s legs became the forests, and plants formed from his fur. Koi’s ticks, fleas, and parasites began to change their form on Jawa. In doing so became many different creatures of the (Earth) Jawa. Lastly, his urine mixed with the primordial waterbed waters on Jawa to form oceans and rivers. Thus, Dr. Jones the Obedient taught the people to worship The Great Koi and live a life full of joy and love, whereas Patches of Mischief brought the people boredom and jealousy.


Biography: I became a student at Aims in the fall of 2021. I am a 30-something year old student, and as you can imagine, I was nervous to begin this journey. I worked as a Dental Assistant for 17 years. In 2020, I left to find a new path. At the time, I was unsure what I wanted to pursue as a career. My husband suggested I return to school to see what sparks my passion. I knew that I enjoyed reading. I remember reading stories from the library’s child horror section. I enjoyed reading R. L. Stine’s Fear Street and the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I still have a few of those books. Reading is what I did to pass the time in my teenage years. My favorite author is Stephen King. I have quite the library of his books, as well as some from Dean Koontz, and many others. Writing is something I enjoy, but honestly, I wish I could have a career in reading books. Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life, am I right?