Archived: Cinder-Elliott by Amanda Schlicter

Long ago in a land far away,

A boy named Cinder-Elliot did play.

He was happy and free ’til that sad day came

When his mother died and step-father placed blame.

Years passed and Elliot toiled

His step-brothers poked fun, his happy plans foiled.

One day a change came by,

When a royal messenger did fly

By their place of home

And said, “The royal family wishes you to come

To a grand gala this Friday night

In hopes that our fair princess might

Find the man of her dreams

For single she is now, it seems.”

Step-father closed the door

“You shall not go,” he did roar.

Elliot begged and pleaded,

Eventually, his stubbornness depleted.

The night of the ball, he got locked in the cellar,

Later that night, along came Fairy God Feller,

Who sprang Elliot from his cell,

And in the mud he nearly fell.

Fairy God Feller poofed up a suit,

With a mask and a cane to boot.

He rushed to the ball

Almost halfway through it all,

Bursting in the entryway,

Cinder-Elliot caused quite a fray.

The princess looked up with shock on her face,

And after a few dances, whisked Elliot away from his horrible place.

His stepfather did rage while his stepbrothers fainted,

Their looks of surprise on a mural forever painted.

The years flew by with merriment and laughter,

As they lived (dare I say it?) happily ever after