Archived: Chaos by Kevin Alion

Biography: Kevin Alion – Art is totally the passion of my life and the reason for my existence. Art for me means more than just beautiful things; it is a representation of my own soul that wanders in this existential plane, planning in a way, whether in 3D or 2D, based on my emotions and experiences. I grew up in a Central American country called Guatemala. I undertook a trip with my family to this country at the age of 14, which became the refuge that would help me through situations and shape the person I am today. As an artist, I am a dramatic, romantic, and deep person. I love creating works that have a visual impact, thus attracting the public to try to think from different perspectives so that they can know themselves much better. I also create emotions so that every time they see my works, they always find something interesting to think about. One of my most influential artists has been Salvador Dali, and I also love the artist Michelangelo, who was an artist at the height of the Northern Renaissance. His art and the balance that it brings in itself is magical. I want to highlight Mr. Matthew Mchugh who with his passion for teaching made me fall in love with art even more. I have in mind that if one day I become a famous artist, a part will be thanks to that person who helped me visualize my future.