Archived: Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Jen Thorpe

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
by Jen Thorpe

Bio: My name is Jen Thorpe. My journey at Aims Community College began with a desire to set an example worthy of emulation by my family, especially my six children. I will receive my Associate of Arts Degree, as well as a certificate of Communications Media, Journalism Writing in May. Photography has long been an enjoyed hobby, and now as a journalism major, has been a great addition to my studies. I am blessed to call the Rocky Mountains home. I love nature and spend as much time as I am able hiking in my beloved mountains. This photo was taken on the Mitchell Lake Trailhead above Brainard Lake, near Ward, CO. It is one of my favorite places on Earth, though it feels more like Heaven to me. As an artist, I am grateful to bring my love of nature and my love of photography together. Last summer, I hiked twice each week while working on a photo book I called View From the Top. I dedicated it to my mom, to whom I owe much of my love for the outdoors, especially the mountains. I am fascinated with the contradiction of shooting something so vibrant and colorful as a field of wildflowers, or Colorado’s blue sky over the lush green mountains in black and white. I guess I take some of that inspiration from Ansel Adams, whose art I have admired for many years. Thanks to the Aims community for the myriad of opportunities I have enjoyed here.