Archived: Bolt by by Tresa New

Lighting strikes

A flash then a crack

Scary frightful invigorating



Under covers darkness sought

Bright light is no good

Peer over to check if safe

Soon hiding again


Longer pause this time

Run! Run fast

Don’t let the lightning capture

Move when loudest is safest way


Though its scariest just move!


Got around the corner



Got to safety.

Pry hands away from eyes

Running again, terrified


Reach the door and grab knob

Tear soaked hands tremble and fumble

Finally it opens





To safety warmth and comfort


The lightning got me I mumble


A figure shifts

An arm reaches out


Big sign and snuggle down

Love beats lightning

Every time.


I am a sophomore this year and I am minoring in ASL while majoring in Radiology. I have two cats and I enjoy reading and writing in my spare time.