Archived: Blending With Your Worries by Casey Sandoval

Hi, my name is Anxiety, and I exist in, well, everyone; however, I am speaking to you in Casey’s mind.  I make him worry about family, friends, and everything else. I get along with my cousin Depression. Depression and I go way back, but let’s talk about me, since everything is about me.  

As I said, I live in everyone, but I am currently speaking to you guys in Casey.  So, what have I done to Casey? Well, I did send him to the mental hospitals countless of times. The last time he was there, I guess you can say I went too far.   His last episode that I caused was getting into an argument with some of his closest friends. I made him become obsessive. He is scared of me, just like he is scared of everything around him.  It’s not just him, it’s everyone! Everyone has become afraid, and the numbers are still increasing. Ahh, yes, I love my job.  

Some of Casey’s issues consist of: worry in thought, sleepless nights, and even going further, having panic attacks.  He also can’t control his emotions. None of the medication has helped him, and he has no idea what to do! He gets really angry, to the point lashing at others he doesn’t mean to hurt.  It is just Casey and I forever. If I go too far, I guess I couldn’t stop him. Oh well, I will just move on to my next victim. I love seeing everyone not knowing how to stop me. They can drug me, they can exercise, they can try everything, but I will still be around!  HAHAHA!


*Ah, I finally caught you!

Who’s there? Who said that?

*What? You don’t know who I am? You said it yourself, you live inside me.

Casey? How are you talking to me?

*….Do I really have to answer such a moronic question to you?

Are you calling me stupid!? Watch your mouth before I take it too far again! You know there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

*Eh, you deserve it.  You have done worse things to me, but that is not why I am here.  I came to fix our issue once and for all.

Yeah, like what?  Drug me? Exercise? Meditate?  You have tried everything, and guess what? I am still here.  

*Nope. I have one more trick up my sleeve, but don’t worry,  you’ll still be around. I learned I can’t get rid of you.  

That’s right you can’t get rid of me.

*So I decided we can work as a team!

Wait, what!?

*You heard me.

You want me to help you ruin your life? I mean you’re just going to end up at the mental-

*That’s not what I meant.  I mean we can do more than just worry about everything.  On top of that, we can learn from being scared.  

We can? 

*Well, yeah.  We can grow and do the things we love.  Jumping into the unknown will always be frightening, but we will get to experience so much! Isn’t that great!?

I guess, but that’s all?

*Not only that, you can help me grow as well.  You’ve given me so much energy that I kept all bottled up inside.  You can help me race through important dates I have. You can help me with homework and stories that I want to write.  Just imagine if we use the energy instead of keeping it bottled up. Man, we can reach the stars!

Okay, but what’s in it for me? 

*Being my friend and being able to connect with others, even maybe find “The One.”

But what if he doesn’t like me?

*That’s not possible.  Your cool! yeah we had some mishaps, but we can do this.  We can create a life full of possibilities. Also, if we work together, we can make him enjoy your company.

Pff. Easier said than done.  

*It won’t be easy; it will require a lot of work.  We might even bump heads and we will have our rainy days, but I am certain this will work! So, what do you say?

Well, what do I got to lose? If it fails, I still win.

*Your right, you would win and I would lose, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  You are a part of me. I wish I had realized that a long time ago. Getting rid of you is me saying I want part of me gone. And I don’t want that.  I should have expressed you more, and more importantly, know when to take that risk! We have climbed battles before; we just never realized it before. If we are aware of each other and work together, we can accomplish so much!

You do have a point. Let’s try this I guess.

*Sweet! I have a gut feeling that it will work!

That’s more like it! Now we can work together! Look at this. you even helped me write this out, and we have an audience! Now let’s change other people’s lives! We can teach them to blend with their worries and do the things they love!

Thank you, everyone that came here to see what Anxiety had to say.  Sorry you had to see that whole conversation. Since your here, blend with your worries and try it out! It is a part of you, and I hope you are able to show yourself and become the person you want to be, but you can’t do it without every part of you.  So let’s change the world together!