2013-2014 Biographies

Author, Artist, and Editor Biographies for 2013-2014:

Irene Agandar: Editor and Tau Gamma Vice President

I am a proud wife and mother of four children. I am a full-time student working towards my goal of becoming an Art Teacher. I enjoy meeting new people, for they inspire my thoughts and my heart to continue living the art of creativity. Spending time with my family, being crafty, and encouraging others on their life journey are some of my favorite things to do.

DeAnna Bertwell: Artist

I am a Graphic Design student with an expected graduation date in the spring of 2015. I have a background in drawing, photography, painting, graphics, sewing and landscape design. I have completed artistic work for the non-profits Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers. I will soon be doing graphics work with a local artist as well as more work for the non-profits mentioned earlier.

Rose Cassidy: Author

Rose Cassidy is my name. To be educated is my aim. I have been going to Aims Community College for one year. I love the written word and find it fascinating that phrases can come alive when read! Though my favorite things are books and large cups of tea, I am majoring in Biology and I work as a Drama and Literature teacher for a K-12 school in Greeley.

Megan Friesen: Author and Advisor to The Aims Review and Tau Gamma

I am in my second year teaching English at Aims. When I’m not Englishing, I enjoy long runs, sew craft, and music. This is my first stab at short fiction. Like much of Stephen King’s writing, it’s inspired by weird dreams.

Kristy Gallegos: Author, Editor, and Tau Gamma President

Like any writer, I enjoy cookies, existential crises and puns. I work, I school, I write, I volunteer, I goof, I repeat. I’m a class clown type that can usually be found with my foot in my mouth or giggling in a corner somewhere. I have big dreams and like to keep busy and sometimes make interesting things out of straw wrappers.

Jared Merk: Author

Jared Merk is an English instructor and writing tutor at Aims. He is also the creator and editor of the Aims Online Writing Lab, a website that provides writing resources to both students and faculty across the curriculum. He writes regularly because he once endured a lengthy period of time without writing, and the resulting malaise was felt by everyone.

Mary Murphy: Author

Mary Murphy grew up in Maryland and has lived in Colorado for eight years. This poem was inspired by the crab feasts she and her family had every summer. This is the first piece she has ever submitted to a literary magazine.

Todd Olson: Artist, Editor, and Tau Gamma Member

I am a Pre-Nursing student here at Aims Community College. I was recently inducted into the Tau Gamma Chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta English honors society. I have been a photographer for many years. My main focus is on landscapes and fashion photography.

Shawn Robison: Editor and Tau Gamma Treasurer

I am Shawn Robison. I am an unconventional student, and I am 39 years old working on a new path in life. I worked in retail from the age of 14 at a home owned store to working with Kroger (King Soopers). I worked my way from bagging food to middle management. In April 2012 I enrolled with Aims. I had to start all over because the skills I used daily were not even close to what is needed to graduate from college. I took all the negative things that had
happened and put 100% into school. I have things I am so proud of because in high school I was a C and D student. Through fall of 2013 I made the Deans list, PTK, and Tau Gamma. It makes me feel like I did what was correct and knew it was the correct path in my new journey in life. I do not know what the future holds for me but I do know it will be great and I will be the best in what ever I choose to do.

Daniella Rodriguez: Author

My name is Daniela Rodriguez. I reside in Greeley and have done so for the past ten years. I’m an artist, activist, and amateur writer specializing in analytical essays. As well as that, I’m an avid gamer and often incorporate that interest into those media. Most people that are acquainted with me know me to be incredibly quiet, but once you get to my core, you might find that I’m actually quite cuddly.

Josh Savage: Artist

My name is Josh Savage. I am a second year accounting student.

Pamela Walters: Artist

I am attending Aims to earn an A.A.S. in Graphic Design with a May 2014 graduation and earning an A.A.S. in Website Design and Development with an expected graduation in May 2015. I am a single mother with two grown children, Mark and Noelle, and daughter-in-law, Christy. My hobbies include photography, crafts, watching movies, and discussing/debating politics. I’ve taken Digital Photography I and II and now I’m in love with taking photos! I
hadn’t picked up a camera in several years prior to taking these classes. My specialties are macro shots where I turn the ordinary into something unique and black and white photos with heavy contrast.