Author, Artist, and Editor Biographies

Cryshana Suarez

This spring I took Creative Writing II and thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t declared a major yet and am just taking in what life has to offer. I love spending time with friends and family, and anything that could lead to an adventure (real or imaginary)!

Hannah Pratt

I will graduate in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political  Science. In 2013, I completed a poetry novella titled Adwin Dolan’s Tin-Can Attachment. I enjoy reading about Richard Nixon, and I hope to one day understand the game of cricket.

Chelle Costello

I’m an English instructor here at Aims, and love travelling, hiking, and art.

William Pratt

 At twenty years old, I’m currently finishing my second year at Aims. I enjoy writing, skateboarding, having good conversation, and observing art whether it be visual, performing, or literary. I intend on transferring to UNC to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in English.

Samantha Cooley

…is a very new writer who is interesting in making it more of a habit. She is a currently a part time student of Aims, a NaNoWriMo participant, as well as an avid reader and writer of any good story or poem. Aside from her day job in the Registrar’s Office at UNC, she is still a student first and foremost. She also enjoys singing, acting, dancing, playing with her nieces and nephews, and anything outdoors.

Zachary Williams

I’m eighteen years old. I am a senior at Union Colony Preparatory School. I’m hoping to go into journalism and photography in university. I like knitting, playing piano, writing, and reading

Julia Keedy

This is my fourth semester here at Aims as an English Major. I really enjoy writing poetry and short stories, I love to draw my inspiration from just the emotions I experience on a deeper level. I am so honored to be moving to Boulder next year to attend CU Boulder to finish out my English degree, and hopefully become a (successful) published author. My biggest inspiration is my one eyed cat, she’s my biggest supporter.

Megan Friesen

I am an English instructor at Aims Community College. My photos are from my hiking trips in Colorado and Europe.

Samantha Scheid

I am a  student currently enrolled at Aims community college for my associates of arts. I plan on continuing my education in either nursing or as an English major. Im submitting here cuz Kendra made me do it.

Audrey Nelson

 I am an undergraduate student at the University of Northern Colorado pursuing an English major with a Writing minor. I began my secondary education over thirteen years ago, and have been chipping away at this degree since 2009. Despite my long-standing dream of being a published writer, this is my first submission for publication.

Valeriano Lopez

I was born in Montana. Raised in Fort Collins. Joined the military out of high school at the age of 19. My goal is to be a veterinarian technician or wildlife biologist.

Marcus Johnson

I am a 20 year old African American male who believes that people need to analyze and question the world more than they do. There are evils everywhere, the trick is to know what is a sheep and what is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.