Archived: Beholder’s Forge by Michael Quedenfeld

Slicing slyly,
arrives the point.
Warm to the sight,
comes the color
beauty beholden
oh how it wields the flame
creating forms
of rigid tenacity
and terrible usefulness.
Creating the forge
within a stream,
or a spark,
that connects and separates
At the bearer’s hands.
Tipping such a scale
is in the mind
of the beholders hand.

Bio: My name is Michael Quedenfeld. I graduated from AIMS Community College in December 2019 for 
Video Editing and Effects Production. Despite my interest in that field, I have always maintained an interest in 
writing. I have taken many writing-centric classes since high school that ranged from journalism, script writing 
and creative writing to everything in between. Much of the writing I have done in my life has been through the 
lens of telling narratives, whether through action, drama or comedy among other genres. Writing has always 
been an amazing medium for the way it can craft and mold people’s imaginations, but I have always found writing 
to be immensely attractive as a creator. I find writing of any narrative genre to be richly invigorating to my own 
creativity. My mind has always been one to ponder, question, debate, and analyze everything in the world, and 
writing has always been how I channel my constant thinking into something creative, unique and hopefully 
something as creatively engaging as it is for myself.