Archived: Battle of the Snow Fort by Acey Jendzel-Scott

The siblings call in triumph;

At last!

It’s done!

They proudly stand before

Four cardinal walls of Snow

The beast watches

She plots!
She prowls!

This wretched construction

Has no place in her yard

The smaller sees her first

What’s that?

Look out!

A monster with a black pelt

Is racing towards their fort

The fiendish creature strikes

A slash!

A Kick!

The East falls, her attack is bold

And her retreat is swift

The siblings are not daunted

Fight back!

Take this!
They have prepared

With oblong spheres of snow

The beast sees them fly

A hit!

A catch!

Crunching powdered snow in her jaws

She prepares to strike again

She leaps into the fort

Stop her!

Oh no!

A child tumbles, an errant paw pushes him

Into the crumbling west wall

Only North and South remain

Our work!

She’s won!

As children and beast tussle

The structure meets a frosty end

The sun sets on a morbid scene

Oh well!

Damn dog!

Children and hound are called to dinner

The battle comes to a close.