Archived: Backyard Photograph Through the Eyes of a Nature Photographer by Nicole Peerman

Backyard Photograph through the eyes of a Nature Photographer!!!

Bio: My name is Nicole Peerman. For a long time in my life I have adventured with Photography on my own until the time came for me to be able to attend college in 2017, Graduated May 2011 from Northridge High School I’m currently a much more talented Aspiring Photographer / Nature Photographer, right along with a Graphic Design Certificate because I have attend Aims and completed for now. My Artistic expression in Photography is all the different types of Nature that have caught my eyes, its great being able to go back in time and look at a visual photo instead of trying to imagine it, trust me it’s totally 2 different feelings. I’m passionate about Photography and now I can put together my graphic design knowledge to help my Photography show even more. I have had many people who have loved my work, but Colleen Martin here at Aims is the only one in my life that has shared an opportunity like this for me able to show the world who I am without my work getting in dangerous hands