Archived: Awaken by Selena Cruz

I walked a trail up in the forest.

Looking for solitude within Gaia.

To find an area that sparked interest.

So I no longer felt like a pariah.

Long and lean lively trees lined my way.

Eventually morphing into

Dense leaning trees, creating an archway.

Green grass, wild flowers, all in view.

All framing a pond filled with lily pads.

A single tree spout from the clear water.

Reminding me of a heart I once had.

Woodland creatures and a fairy queen’s daughter.

My beliefs were endless with a young heart.

What happened to my faith, can I restart?



I am a current Aims student going for my Liberal Arts Degree. I have been playing classical guitar for five years, and it is one of my passions. My other passion being creative writing. I spend most nights in with my chihuahua (Freya) and a book or journal. Freya is my number one fan, and her name pops up in a few of my short stories.