Archived: Autumn Falls by Phillip Lara

Biography: I work in food services here at Aims. Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed being a storyteller. Whether that is taking a pen or a picture to paper, my goal has always been to bring my stories to life and hopefully inspire and uplift anyone who finds an attachment to my photographs or is moved by a piece of my writing. Mountain landscapes and everything Colorado drew me to photography. Since then, I love chasing sunrises, sunsets, autumn colors and much more. There are still a variety of places and subjects that I still have yet to discover, which is an endless motivation for me. Other landscape photographers who have inspired me are Alex Burke, Ben Horne, Alan Brock, Gavin Hardcastle, Adam Gibbs, and Nick Page. Music has made a huge impact on my life, metal music in particular. It’s not just a note or a chord but the lyrics that make it more than something that can be heard to me. The lyrics of songs drew me to the art form of writing.