Archived: Autumn Cheer by Andrew Moline

Autumn Cheer

Biography: Teaching Art is a passion for me; being able to create art among such a talented group of fellow faculty and student creators here at Aims is genuinely a dream come true. I love sharing advanced photo and lighting techniques with students and encouraging them to push their own creative boundaries further. I am primarily a photographer, and in particular I have a special love for portraits: I enjoy the subtleties of human expression, but most importantly I have always followed the philosophy that it is a photographer’s sole job to make any human subject feel better, more empowered, and with a new, positive way of seeing themselves after being in front of my camera. My students and their new ways of looking at photography inspire me, as well as the photographers whose light shaping, teaching, and portrait work I admire so deeply: Joe McNally, Lindsay Adler, Robert Waltman, and Peter Hurley, to name just a few. More of my work can be seen at