Ashes to Ashes by Samantha Cooley

There was a time when my eyes shone,

Lit with the hope,

Bright and near.

No doubt or fear

In calling you my very own.


There was a time when your eyes too

Brimmed with a love,

Strong and clear,

No frown or tear,

Then ready for a step anew.


But now that joy is silenced; quaint.

Slipped through our grasp.

Flame to ember

Not to remember,

The memories of us grow faint.


Tears spill over my cheek.

Spaces inside me now creak.

I call for you.

Silence looms.

My heart begins to grow weak.


This crumpled mass used to be

A girl who had prayed for “we”.

Face pressed in dirt

Clutching wounds, still hurt.

Bio: Samantha is a student at Aims Community College and soon to be an English major at the University of Northern Colorado with a deep love of reading and of writing. In her spare time, Samantha can be caught singing, ballroom dancing, painting, and performing in theater all across northern Colorado.