Archived: Art by Selena Cruz

Falling into slow steps side by side.

Exploring a building filled with art work.

Rain raced down the windows, creating

A perfect day to stay stowed away.

Making comments on the complexity

Of the art work on the first floor.

Flowing up the stairs to find more pieces.

Picking out favorites subjectively.

Opinion based thoughts flowed freely.

Until the modern art was in view.

A canvas with a line and splattered paint.

Judgmental words slipped from most people’s lips,

But some enjoyed the different form of art.

What seemed so simple to most, could have

Taken an artist months to fine tune.

Climbing down flights of stairs, back to the start.

Leaving the art filled building

And all the different forms of art.





I am a current Aims student going for my Liberal Arts Degree. I have been playing classical guitar for five years, and it is one of my passions. My other passion being creative writing. I spend most nights in with my chihuahua (Freya) and a book or journal. Freya is my number one fan, and her name pops up in a few of my short stories.