Archived: All but my Heart by Shannon Foster


Rain beats in time with the rhythm of your hand upon my heart,
drops of water silently tapping at the window
while your fingers trace circles on my palms

Peaceful and quiet, no one here but us,
expecting nothing but tonight, giving all but my heart

Romance means little, just a twisting riddle gliding through our lives,
never captured, ever dreamed about

Your mouth turns up in a pout and I lean over to kiss it,
thinking that this moment will forever be imprinted in my mind

This won’t change the seasons; it won’t turn the world upside down,
nor make ignorance lose its sting

This isn’t a promise for the future,
nor a ring placed on my finger

Yet your loving makes me linger,
Sleeping side by side on this evening in brisk winter

neither of us certain as we draw the curtain shut,
slipping back under covers,

Clinging to the warmth made by our bodies,
Singing under my breath what I’ve been hiding in my head

knowing you could have made me cry,
but chose to make me laugh instead

I could question is this worth it?
I could run a thousand answers through my mind

But none could bring the words I want to hear most to my ears,
None but you

So tell me darling, with this simple twist of words,
This hopeful loss of sense

Will you come back to me through the rain and wind
If only to meet one last time before the fates intervene

And all is lost never to be captured again,
Don’t make me wait on you, come quickly

As I call, desperate to have you to hold in my arms,
A memory to keep, even while all else is pulled away from my grasp,

Your hand in mine and the sound of rain pattering against
the windowpane will ever leave a mark upon my heart,

the feeling of your fingers upon my palms will be ever present
as I embark into the future, reminiscing upon that night,

when you loved me with all that you had,
with the promise of tomorrow only in my head,

whisked away with the wind,
only a spindly memory left,

gone with the seasons,
fall, summer and spring,

leaving winter to linger without a ring on my finger
I am alone on this night, left to remember,
what once was flawless

What may not come about anymore,
this love of ours which was lawless,

And I am cursed, never able to forget
Your story, intertwined with mine,

Like the wind in the trees, blowing briskly in a breeze,
Never caught, always going

No one knows to where,
My dear you’ve left me

Here, with nothing but a memory
Of our love in past ages,

Which gives love to the loveless,
But steals hope from the hopeful

I offered you all that I had,
Yet it wasn’t enough

You ran from my call,
Leaving me sad

And now I will leave
Whoever may read

This song I have written
To ponder what they may,

If he leaves you must stay,
If he goes you must away




Shannon is a writer with dreams of becoming published.