Archived: A Silent Kind of Suffering by Julia Keedy


You broke my heart when you said you needed space but I resigned myself to the fact that you were right,

You did need to face this alone.

My head has been spinning ever since, thinking of you.

My best friend.

I have been crying and pacing, obsessing over the fact that where you are now is not where I am.

And I do not know if I’m supposed to let go, or wait patiently for you to come back

Like a dog waiting near the door for its master.

But this is about your pain, not mine

Your journey, not mine.

And if I could, I would rip out my heart and hand it to you, because it belongs to you

My best friend.

I would take on your anxieties, your grief, anger, and sadness.

If it would only make you happy.

Your words are in my head, memories of sleepovers and lazy afternoons.

Your art is tattooed on my body, a reminder to me to be strong and steady.

You will always be a part of me, no matter how this ends.

My Best Friend.





I will be attending CU Boulder in the fall of 2016, following 4 interesting semesters here at Aims. In my spare time I like to read, write, and fall into internet-black-holes. My one eyed cat is my muse.