Archived: A Series of 4 by Jose Flores


Marmalade skies and tangerine trees
Were just a daydream

Milk and honey once sweet
Is now empty as a yellow submarine

I wish for yesterday
But now she’s leaving home
I wish it was getting better
But sadly happiness is a warm gun

The Gift Of Ignorance
I was once a saturday child
Batman, Power Rangers, The Monkees, Sonic X
I play games but now they’re no fun
My eyes feel so heavy but my head remains awake
So much time has changed
I don’t feel the same
The day no longer ends
It is now a life sentence
I don’t try so hard to get out of bed anymore
I try so hard to be someone I’m not
I think to myself
Is life like this for everyone or am I just ungrateful
I use to dream of genie
Now I am bewitched

After Hours 
Lace my ears with your morphine lips
As you fill my head with beautiful lies
I’ve been waiting for a guide to take by the hand
And lead me into the arms of a manic pixie dream boy
Pitch black is all I see
Am I alive or do I just exist
These thoughts linger like an unwanted guest
That touches you when you don’t want them to
And makes you feel filthy and ashamed afterwards
I feel the uncomfortable stare pierce into my soul
I wish I felt the warm glow of the sun on my back
It is now past 2am and I’m still awake waiting for the sun

Sunday Morning 
My bones feel so heavy
But my body is levitating off the ground
The back of my spine feels electrified
My soul is incinerated with a warm glow

I forgot who I was
I thought I was someone else
Someone good
I hope I never remember

Now as I stand up
I feel sick
Once Tom the curious
Now James the weak