Archived: A Moment by Stephen Tillotson

Sunlight  streams through the branches.

A Gurgling stream carries on.

Flowing by, time goes on around us.

Illuminated in the rays of the sun

basking hand in hand,

we hold close, as moment a drifts on.

Caught outside the ever changing universe,

just a moment of peace, in a fast paced world.

A second of time, where nothing matters.

A simple Harmony in this sphere of dissonance.

Wanting it to last forever, but we must fall apart.

Life progresses, and we must endure with it,

The Moment will pass, but others may follow it.

It’s the same sun we see and admire.

As the sunlight streams between branches and distance.



I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My mom at first taught me to write everything from non-fiction to science fiction. I love writing and have moved on to taking college writing classes, creative writing is one of my passions and I love doing it.