A Miami Sestina by Stephanie Crabtree

Lounging on the beach

Relaxing in the sand

Soaking up the rays of sun

Living in the moment on the coast

Feeling the warmth on my skin

Relishing in all the Miami vibes


I listen to the music vibes

That travel down the beach

The rhythm tracing over my skin

The bass reverberating through the sand

On this here coast

In the Miami sun


No clouds block the sun

Only positive weather vibes

Waves roll down the sandy coast

As all the tourists line the beach

They too want to lie in the sparkly sand

And just like me, feel the rays against their skin


The sandy grains stick to my skin

And get baked on by the sun

It’s all sparkles, this amazing white sand

It defines the Miami vibes

Because along this busy beach

Miami penetrates all the way down the coast


Once my trip is done, I will long for the coast

I will miss the warmth on my skin

I will miss the sound of the beach.

My soul will long for the sun

And lack of Miami will kill my own vibes

But in the bottom of my bag, there will still be sand


There is nothing like the sparkling sand

That is aplenty down the Miami coast

The music beats, the summer vibes

I will return home with darkened skin

And when I return here, it will still be there.. the sun

As I make new travel plans to get back to the beach.